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We have a wide range of bathroom products, in both, traditional and modern style. Click on images below to enlarge them.

Bathrooms have come on a long way, and the choice of styles, colours, and finishes has exploded over recent years. Many people still love a traditional look in their bathroom, but want to enjoy modern functionality at the same time. At the opposite end of the spectrum, ultra-modern design and technology have been combined to create minimalist bathroom styles. Sanitary ware, such as bidet shower toilets, incorporates technological solutions for modern hygiene needs, and with new, superior designs, mobility challenges don’t mean compromising on beauty or style when choosing a bathroom these days.


Still popular, whether appreciated for their practicality at bath-time in the family home with young children, or prized as a place for relaxation and recuperation in a busy world, the bath is a focal point in many bathrooms. There’s a huge choice of styles available these days, in all different shapes, sizes and materials. Whether standalone, or with an integral shower, we can help you choose the perfect bath that meets all your needs, complements your design and maximises the space you have available.

Bathroom Sanitaryware

Basins can be standalone, on a pedestal or moulded into a worktop, giving you clean lines for a modern look. Round, oval, rectangular or square, choose a shape that will give the best effect for your bathroom size and style.

Wall mounted basins and toilets with clean space beneath them can make a bathroom look bigger whilst wall mounted cisterns are popular in traditional style bathrooms. Technology has made its way over from Japan, and super bidet shower toilets wash and dry you, and have automatic lid and seat rising so you never have to touch anything. Pay us a visit and see what would work for you in your dream bathroom.

Bathroom Taps

Taps can be beautiful, as well as functional, and can be used to make a fabulous design statement in your bathroom. Angular lines are perfect for a modern look. For a sleeker look in your bath you can even have your taps mounted on the wall or as a standalone unit. A traditional look can be created with the telephone handset style showerhead on mixer tap, mounted on a freestanding bath. Available in chrome, vintage gold, brushed or polished nickel, brass or even matt black, taps can be matched perfectly to your décor by colour as well as style.

Bathroom Storage

Incorporating fitted furniture into your bathroom allows you to define its look, as well as create much needed storage. Whether it’s as simple as a basin atop a washstand with polished chrome legs and a marble worktop, or an entire vanity unit with matching bath panel and floor standing cupboard, bathroom furniture is constantly gaining in popularity.
Cabinets adjoined by a continuous shaped worktop can give a dramatic look to your room whilst also helping to make best use of the floor space available.

Finishes include real wood, high gloss or matt pastels, available with a range of different door shapes and a choice of complementary handle ranges.

With a wide choice of cabinets and worktop colours, even sparkles, decorating can be kept neutral, matching accent colours to the furniture to make a great statement.

Bathroom Mirrors and Lighting

As well as making the smallest of rooms feel larger and more inviting, the correct lighting in a bathroom can change the mood instantly, making the adjustment from a functional room to one that’s a personal oasis of calm. Bathroom lights come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days, with wall lights complementing ceiling lights and adding to the design statement. Whether your bathroom is traditional in design, or as modern as it gets, the right lighting will only serve to enhance its style and add the wow factor that you’re looking for.

Mirrors can add to a feeling of space to the smallest of rooms, and mirror fronted bathroom cabinets provide more storage space to keep bathroom surfaces clear. On a practical level they can be fitted with lights and hand swipe sensor technology that clears steam in seconds.

Bathroom Towel Warmers

From a design perspective, a towel warmer can be a real statement piece, whilst on a practical level it should provide warmth and cosiness in a bathroom. This is an area where our expertise comes in particularly useful, as it’s vital that that a radiator or towel warmer has enough heat capacity for your bathroom. Available in a variety of styles and colours to complement your décor and design, your towel rail can be connected to your central heating system and or electric supply ensuring you get warm towels when you need them. Let us help you get it right.


One of the key areas we can help with is helping you plan your layout to find the space in your bathroom for a separate shower enclosure, should you want one. Shower cubicles these days come in a wide range of sizes and styles, with and without doors, with tiled floors for a wet-room look or with pre-made shower trays for easy access. Consider a remotely operated shower that you can turn on from outside the shower with fixed or adjustable shower heads. It’s all about finding what will best meet your needs.

From a contemporary style that is all about the clean lines, to a more traditional one with handles and hinges that match in style, you can choose whatever works for you.

Bathroom Walls and Floors

Traditionally used to protect from water and leaks, we’ve got a range of wall tiles that will help you make a design statement in your bathroom. The range of colours, shapes, patterns and finishes can all be used to create the specific style you’re looking for.

Showerboard is a fabulous alternative to tiles that’s gaining in popularity all the time. Installed in large sheets, it removes the need for grouting, and provides a seamless and waterproof backdrop in your shower, and throughout your bathroom. Available in a huge variety of styles and colours, from stone effect to wood palnk to sparkly, it is practical and easy to keep clean as well as being stunning to look at.

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