We are proud of every room we design, however some projects are very special to us.  We were delighted when Laura and Jon came to us last year wanting a beautiful bathroom to fit her very particular requirements.  Laura was born without arms, meaning that this was going to be a unique project from the start.

A beautiful bathroom was Laura’s top priority but we needed it to be practical for her too.  We had to ask some quite personal questions to get a full understanding of her bathing needs.  She handled these brilliantly, all whilst drinking her cup of tea with her foot. We knew we were dealing with a very special lady.

Even before we reached the design stage, we were able to offer several pieces of practical advice, such as how to apply for VAT exemption; this alone resulted in a saving of thousands of pounds.

When Laura and Jon visited the showroom they had a very definite vision of what they wanted.  There was also a more common challenge.  Space was tight and there was a lot to fit in.  We were clearly going to have our work cut out.  However they came with their own solutions. They had recently visited a luxury hotel which had a stunning roll top bath placed in the bedroom rather than the bathroom.  This was their idea to help solve their small space problem. We knew that we were up for the challenge and would be able to bring Laura the bathroom she wanted.

Disability bathroom Design

The ‘Adamsez’ Bath and surrounding wood effect porcelain tiling makes a wonderful and practical feature in the room.  Laura expertly dressed the room with candles, lights and pictures. There’s even a wooden bathroom caddy – just the right spot for a glass of wine and a book.  It’s the perfect space to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Given the location of electrical outlets and the tub, the new bath area required a ‘safety first’ approach .  We also had to make sure adequate extraction was given due to the proximity to bedding and clothing.

With the bath out of the main bathroom, we now had the design challenge of the shower room. We designed a bespoke tiled double walk-in shower with ‘Crosswater Valves’.  These were located at a level where Laura could operate them with her feet and her toiletries were neatly contained in a low level shower storage pod within easy reach.

Laura had seen the moulded tiled shower seats in the showroom and we knew that these would make life a lot easier for her, although we would need to build a wall to incorporate this.

The vanity area had a large mirror with lighting pelmet above. Whilst the mirror made the room look twice as large, we needed to find a way for Laura to turn on the lights. This was accomplished with a motion sensor located at the bottom of the cabinets, allowing her to activate the lights with the swipe of a foot.

We were determined to get things right and took time and attention over the finer points of the design. As Laura says:

“Unfortunately for Bryan, I made him redraw the plans a few times until they were perfect for us. All along he checked that every detail would work”

Not content with overhauling the main bathroom, the ensuite was also in desperate need of attention.  The original en-suite was not only tiny but had also been installed illegally. The redesign would need to include correcting plumbing, unsafe electrics, inadequate wall construction and ineffective extraction. It also needed to introduce a WC which previously had been left out due to difficulty connecting to the house soil system.

We reworked the space to include a toilet, basin and new Aqualisa Shower, running through a macerator system to make up for the inadequate drainage. The walls were replastered and walls and floors were replaced with porcelain tiling.

David, our approved installer, worked tirelessly to turn Laura’s dream and our vision into a reality.

The bathroom was finished in September 2017 – however it would be a while before Laura got to enjoy her bath to the full as unfortunately she had fallen and broke her leg.  As it was the leg she relies on for day to day functions, it meant that she could do little for herself for a while.

She says “I couldn’t shower without help and it would have been impossible in our old bathroom.  Every day I was grateful we had gone ahead with the double shower.”

However now they can able to enjoy their bathrooms in all their glory.

“Practically, it has made life much easier.  Showers are now a joy with our glorious waterfall shower head.  It’s nice to have such pretty bathrooms that work for us and our guests when they come to stay.  But more importantly, I love it with all my heart.  Every time I walk in the room it makes me smile. It makes our house finally feel like a home”

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can design a bathroom to fit your specific needs, get in touch with us or drop into our showroom.

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