Clothes storage can be a headache at this time of year. Wardrobe space is at a premium, with winter woollies sitting alongside sparkly dresses and suits for the party season.

If you’ve spent time and money choosing your clothes, then you need to look after them properly. We’ve asked Diane from Terracotta Boutique in Rugby, to give us her expert knowledge on how to keep everything in tip top condition.

wardrobe storage

Out of season
Firstly, if you are going to store certain items away for another season, make sure you wash or dry clean them first, this will protect them from moths who love perfume or finding a remnant of food on fabric.

Do not store clothes in plastic as fabric needs to breathe. It is best to layer with acid free tissue or wrap them in an old sheet. Store out of season clothes up on a high shelf in the wardrobe or, if you are short of room, use the zipped carriers available in most hardware stores.

Fold or hang?
Everyone thinks they need massive amounts of wardrobe space but drawers and shelves can be just as useful.

Knitwear:  Never hang your knitwear, it grows if hung and the shape will be ruined. Instead, fold knitwear in neat piles on shelves.  Try and keep same colours and similar weight of fabric together to make it easier to plan your outfits on cold mornings.

Casual wear: These can be folded on shelves or in drawers, items such as leggings, tees and casual pants do not need to be hung.

Jeans: These are made of strong, durable fabric and can be stored either folded or hung.

Mind your hangers
clothes storage hangers

Wire hangers from dry cleaners are not good for your clothes and NEVER leave their plastic bags on your garments.

Instead, invest in some decent hangers specially built for the purpose.  Use non-slip hangers for delicate fabrics, and wooden hangers for shirts, jackets and smart trousers.

Suits/Jackets:  Hang jackets and suits together, keep your smarter pieces in one place so they are easy to find in the morning.

Trousers : Ensure your trousers have proper trouser hangers and store by length, ideally from cropped through to long to make them easier to find. Hang belts over the hanger too, but make sure you keep them away from delicate fabrics.

Occasion Wear: Clothes for special occasions need to be stored carefully, but you don’t need to wear it every week (unless your lifestyle is terribly glamourous).  Instead, keep your special occasion wear together at the back of the wardrobe leaving daywear easily accessible at the front.

Your capsule wardrobe
Colour Code: Group your clothes into colour groups will make it easier to find a certain colour when you are choosing what to wear.  If a certain accessory, such as scarf or bag, always goes with a certain colour, store that close by.clothes storage drawers

Shoes/Boots :  always store clean and polished, use shoe trees to keep in shape or stuff the toes with paper if you don’t have them. Store them in the bottom of the wardrobe and, if you have room, in a top cupboard then store out of season shoes in there

Scarves/Ties. Either fold scarves or ties in a drawer or hang them on hooks at the back of the wardrobe door, so you can easily coordinate your outfit. Once again, try to keep colours and styles together.

If you are looking for the perfect home for your clothes, our Daval fitted wardrobes can be designed to perfectly fit your needs – whether you have 40 Saville Row suits or a pair of shoes for every day of the month.

We can incorporate full hanging for long dresses or coats, half hanging for shirts and trousers, chests of drawers for underwear, shelving towers for jumpers and jeans and not forgetting pull out shelving for shoes.

We can even integrate LED lighting which activates when you open the doors, so you can really see what you’re doing.

Call into our showroom to talk to our design team, who will be happy to create the dressing room of your dreams.

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