Everyone dreams of an easy to clean bathroom.

The bathroom can be the most unpleasant and difficult room to clean, with all manner of dirt and germs to contend with. The world is full of bathroom cleaning tips, from vinegar to Coca Cola, but we believe that it all begins in the design process, with your choice of fittings and furniture.  So, before you reach for the cleaning products, here are our must have items to help keep your bathroom spotless.

1. Banish the grout

easy to clean shower boardGrout, even in the cleanest of homes, can quickly become unsightly. Toiletries turn it that strange shade of orange and ridden with mildew which can make them a nightmare to restore, so why not banish the tiles completely?

These shower boards have no joins or gaps to attract dirt and grime. They are made from either anti bacterial polymer resin or polyurethane and have a smooth surface which makes everything glide off, including limescale and stain causing shower gels.

If you do want tiles and grout, then the modern trend for darker coloured grout could be your friend.


2. All shower screens are not created equal
easy to clean bathroom shower enclosure

Our shower enclosures are built of toughened glass, specially treated to make the water just run off.  We also sell a beautiful stainless steel shower squeegee which attaches to the wall, so it’s ready to use when you’ve turned the shower off, plus with its elegant styling anyone would be proud to have this on display.

A fixed walk in shower has no moving parts, therefore reducing the nooks and crannies for dirt to gather.

Our slider shower doors also cleverly unfasten at the bottom, making their runners easy to keep clean and smooth.

3. Mist free mirror
easy to clean bathroom mirrorEveryone loves a nice hot shower or bath on a cold morning, but a steamy mirror will usually be the result. In our experience most people’s solution is to give it a quick wipe with their towel, hand or (even worse) dressing gown! A heated mirror solves all these problems by warming the mirror, keeping it free from mist and fog.

You can upgrade even further with lights, sockets and even blue tooth speakers.


4. Well designed toilets
easy to clean bathroom toilet

The toilet is probably the worst of all cleaning jobs in the house. There are a few ways you can keep your loo as lovely as possible without reaching for the rubber gloves.

Firstly, there is the wall mounted option. Not only do these make a small bathroom appear bigger, they also make cleaning the surrounding floor a much easier task.  Other things to look out for are one piece models (once again, no joins), plastic cisterns mounted into furniture or the walls to stop annoying drips, and stainless steel hinges that will not corrode.

If you want to go really high-tech, the combined toilet-bidet is becoming increasingly popular.

5. Extractor Fan

OK this might not be the most exciting thing to upgrade in your bathroom, but it can be worth it’s weight in gold, especially if you put it in the right place.

Most people fit them near the loo to remove the (ahem) odours. However, whilst unpleasant for a few minutes, it’s actually the steam from the shower that does the long term damage.

Fitting a good extractor fan directly over the shower will quickly remove the steam. This will not only prevent the mould and mildew building up, but it will also give some protection to your walls, floors and furniture which could deteriorate over time.

New models are quieter too. Turn it on before you step into the shower and leave it on for a few minutes after you’ve finished. If you can, also leave the bathroom door open for as long as possible to get rid of the steam quickly.

We have all of these on display in our Rugby showroom, so do call in and we’ll be happy to show you around.

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