Planning the perfect family bathroomPlanning a new family bathroom but don’t know where to begin?

Laura, our Sales Designer, has years of experience and, being a mum, has lots of  top tips to set you on your way.

A well designed bathroom will last many years, so it’s important to understand both the immediate and future needs for you and your growing family.

So let’s look at the stages of family life and how your bathroom needs to work for you.

TOP TIP – make a list of what is important today and how will your family change over the next 5 years

Bath time – Babies and Toddlers

Bath time is a major part of a young family’s routine, with many small children having a daily bath.

TOP TIP – Ensure the bath panel is made from either wood or is tiled as plastic panels crack when your knees press against it when lowering baby.

Big baths are top of the list for many families – they’re perfect for popping the children in, after a fun filled day out. We have a fantastic range on offer and our Adamsez double ended baths offer plenty of room for small children to bathe together and they put an end to any sibling disputes about who gets the tap end!

Adamsez Family bathroom

TOP TIP – Ensure your home plumbing system has enough hot water to fill a large bath.

Safety of their children is the number one priority for all mums and dads. Over bath showering is ideal for rinsing hair and emergency hosing downs of the little ones.

TOP TIP – thermostatic controls and anti-slip baths ensure bath time is safe .

Storage is a key area we’d advise you to think about.  It’s vital that you have enough space to hideaway toys and paraphernalia (especially if this is your main bathroom) and for life’s essentials.  You can’t leave small ones unattended so everything needs to be easily accessible, from spare flannels and towels to shampoo and soap.

We have a wide range of under sink vanity units where you can store your products out of sight.  And our Ambiance Bain range is perfect for tidying away your towels out of sight.

Ambiance Bain family bathroom

Warmth is also on the list of must haves.  Who wants to be cold? Our Amtico luxury vinyl tile flooring range is perfect for under floor heating and a heated towel rail is a must on chilly evenings and looks fab.

Growing up – the mucky years

As children grow, washing becomes less attractive, and making it as easy and painless for them to actually keep clean is a good idea.

If room and budget permits, we’d advise that you also include a shower enclosure too.  Our Aqata shower enclosure range are easy to keep clean and gives the wow factor we all want.  However, if the family bathroom doesn’t have enough space to include both, consider a dedicated shower bath from our Carron range – it provides the perfect compromise.  The Carron range offers and enormous range of sizes and shapes to suit all bathrooms.

Being able to keep the family bathroom looking clean and fresh is very high on the list of priorities for any family bathroom.  Make it as easy as possible for them to keep the house tidy and clear up after themselves.  Plenty of laundry basket space – even a laundry basket each – will stop the floors being littered with discarded clothes.  Large towel rails will also make it easier for them to put them back after one use rather than straight in the wash!

Our extensive range of wall and floor tiles are perfect to wash down after grubby hands have been in for a freshen up!

Teenagers – the fight for the mirror

Teenagers are a different breed entirely, with fights for the bathroom becoming par for the course.

Plenty of hot water on demand is essential, and we can advise you on the best boiler systems and showers to keep it flowing.

Replacing the bath with large showers and wet rooms are increasing in popularity and make the room easier to keep clean.

Many households who, up until now, have had a family bathroom may want to just have shower rooms as they meet their families fast lifestyle

Storage is once again key, as the rubber ducks and submarines are replaced with hair wax and deodorant.  Double basins and cabinets can cut down on the arguments, as can a substantial lock!

TOP TIP – If they won’t wash – hose them down in the garden!

Mum & Dad – Calm after the storm

The bathroom should be a sanctuary for you after a busy day so don’t skimp on accessories, they’re vital for providing a harmonious environment.

A deep bubble bath soak with dimmed lights, a glass of wine and listening to your favourite music played through a bluetooth mirror is the ideal tonic to un-wind.

TOP TIP – when selecting a bath look at the overflow position – it dictates how deep a soak you can have.

We have a wide range of modern and traditional bathrooms in our showroom and we also offer a design consultation service.  Come in and see us, we are open between 9am and 5pm Tuesday to Friday and 9am to 4pm on a Saturday.


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