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I have to run around just to get wet in my shower

There are quite a few reasons why this can occur.
1) Limescale In the shower head

Limescale build up can play a big part in the performance and longevity of your shower.
A clear indication of limescale at work is your shower head spraying water in different directions. There are a couple of ways to resolve this without purchasing a new shower head.
Turn your shower on and rub you fingers over the rubbery jets that the water comes out of. This massaging will loosen the limescale and the water pressure will force it out.
Unscrew shower head and now place it in a bowl / basin which you have filled with half white vinegar and half water. Leave for a coupe of hours and then reconnect to shower and turn on. Do not point the shower towards you when you turn on as you may get vinegar in your eyes – OUCH!

2) Limescale in the shower valve thermostat

Limescale can also clog up the shower valve thermostat. So once you have finished you own shower, point the shower head away form you and into the corner of the shower. Now turn the thermostat up as high as it will go and then turn it as low as it can go. Continue turning up and down for a minute or so. Effectively you are loosening limescale and flushing it with the water just like you head.
Try doing this every month to help prevent future build up.
3) Compatibility With your plumbing system

If you have purchased a replacement shower head or shower hose and the performance is not as good as you once had, it could be that you have purchased items that are suited to a different plumbing system.

To help you identify what system you have here goes.
If you have a hot water cylinder and a cold water tank then more often than not you have a gravity or low pressure system. If you have a shower pump fitted to your gravity system or have a combi boiler then yours is high pressure system.

It is important that you select a hose and head that are compatible to these pressure ratings.
Electric showers require shorter hoses with a wider internal bore that allow water to flow quickly enough to the head giving you an acceptable performance

Any DIY store, plumbers merchants or reputable internet site should be able to guide you.

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