May we introduce our team of fitters

Rugby’s finest.

Like NASA’s astronaut program, we have subjected our fitters to stringent medical testing and they have undergone in depth psychological profiling and still we do not know why they like putting their hands in old used toilets!

We’ve got some interesting characters in each of our teams, yet like the Cosa Nostra they see to operate under a ‘code of silence’ when it comes to telling us about their hobbies and lives outside work. You may be able to get them to talk with a large amount of tea and the odd digestive.

Years of experience combined with John Virgos ‘commentator’s eye’ ensures that your bathroom, bedroom and home renovations will be finished to the highest possible standard and that is why we are proud to have them a part of the Otto Interiors family.

Bryan Benfield

Six foot tall, dark haired,with a granite jaw are nine words that have never been used to describe Bryan. Rock climbing, white water canoeing and triathlon are three activities he loves to watch on television and still holds aspirations of one day crossing the Sahara desert on foot with just a bottle of Evian and his trusty Swiss army knife. Always remember Bryan’s mantra – aim high because low is not an option.

Clare Benfield

Sometimes mistaken for Jennifer Saunders but never Dawn French, Clare is the dynamo of Otto Interiors. Having just completed her PHD she is now looking to take it a bit easier and has just started writing her third book. The first two were nominated for the Booker prize but alas it wasn’t to be. Her career as a stand up comedian was cut short following an incident with a clown and a uni cycle juggler that mercifully the tabloids didn’t pick up on.

Joe Riddell

It was definitely their loss, and our gain, when Joe demobbed from the French Foreign Legion to join Otto Interiors.
There is lots of speculation as to why he enlisted with our garlic eating cousins, but a misunderstanding with a local restauranteur (and an as yet unnamed political figure) seems to be the most likely.
Cake icing keeps him busy at night and his love of opera, as well as his passion for translating passages from a forgotten Tibetan dialect car owner’s manual into Apache, makes him the perfect dinner party guest.
As Hillmorton’s current one finger push up champion, he has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged Bilton’s ‘Big Knuckle Eddie’ to a winner takes all ‘push off’ – Good Luck Joe!

Laura Spinner

Laura joined the Royal Navy straight from completing her masters degree at Oxford university and gained senior helicopter pilot status during her years on the waves.

Her unprecedented skill at the flight controls and calm unflappable dexterity wowed her shipmates and quickly earned her the call-sign ‘Rotary’.

12 years travelling the world visiting far flung destinations whist protecting our great country helped spark her interest in African basket weaving and mixed martial arts.

She continues to practice these disciplines and often puts on impromptu demonstrations at local church fates.

Most evenings will find Laura at her local dojo putting students through their paces. Her manta of ‘get them young – keep them keen ‘adorns the main wall and reinforces the intensity Laura instils in these young impressionable minds.

Stand up comedy also plays a big part of her demob life and only last year took the Edinburgh fringe by storm with her one woman show entitled ‘What would life be like without thatch cottages’?


Standing 38cm at the shoulder she is known in the canine world as a ‘proper dog’. We can only guess at her ancestors, but we are sure they are of noble blood and probably come from Northern Europe. She has been with us since we opened our doors in October 2004. and since then her role has become multifaceted – official meet and greet, child pacifier and security and all this for one Smacko a day – she is the ultimate team player providing you keep throwing sticks..

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